Stuart’s List of Must Have RV Accessories

Below is a list of accessories that I use every trip.  They aren’t a complete list of things you may or will need, just the essential “must-have” list.  The links are Amazon affiliate links, and if you click and purchase, ClaimTheVision will receive small commission from your purchase, but don’t worry, the items don’t cost you any more money, Amazon takes care of us as a referral thank you for buying from them.


1. Water Pressure Regulator and Surge Protector

When at any RV Park, you need to protect your coach from the unpredictable elements from being hard-wired.  This can include water pressure and electrical surges.  I always connect these before connecting to my rig.  There are also adapters below that can turn a 50AMP into a 30AMP and 50AMP into 15AMP when moochdocking.

2. Outdoor Fun!

Camping and RVing isn’t always about being inside, it’s about the outside too!  Here are a few items that I use as my standard setup at each campground.

3. Inside Necessities

As much as we would all love to spend time outside, sometimes we still gather inside.  Whether it’s cooking, cleaning or relaxing, these are the items I use everyday while inside my rig.

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