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EPISODE INFO: 810 Mile California Road Trip //Full-Time RV After spending a week in Reno after Buring Man, I started to make my way back to Southern California, going through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with a stop at a sketchy RV Park in West Sacramento, to overnight in the San Benito Mountains, then time in Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, Lake Nacimiento and ultimately to Southern California.

When I started traveling in January, I planned my trips around things to do or places I would like to visit. Although I still do that, I have found myself, more and more recently, planning my trips around people I want to visit. This leg of my journey was based on that. I decided to leave a day early from Reno and come in a day later than I planned to San Benito, this way, I could squeeze in a couple of nights in Sacramento to visit family and friends. With only 2 days in town, I didn’t have much time for anything else other than eating and visiting, but it was worth it.

After a couple of days in Sacramento, I decompressed in a very desolate RV park in California, before heading to Pismo Beach for the annual Rainbow RV West Coast Gathering, where I was able to reconnect with people I first met in January in Quartzite. One of those people, Marc, I’ve kept in touch with and headed to his place in the hills of Paso Robles afterward and stayed there for a few days visiting and checking out his hood. Turns out, his “hood” is amazing, and he knows everybody in town! Seriously, we couldn’t walk down the street without someone talking to him, and for each bar or restaurant we went to, he knew the owner, the bartender, the hostess, or someone. We went to a concert at the local winery and he knew the person at the will-call booth, and the person pouring our drinks. Needless to say, he has the connections!

After an amazing time in the Paso Robles area, I began making my way back to Southern California, where I met up with other Xscapers and treated them to a boat ride in the Long Beach harbor, and did a surprise drop in on my bar staff.


Super C RV Living is a thrilling experience.  Not only do you get to travel, see places from a different perspective, and save money, you also get another bonus.  Super C RV Living allows you to stay in one spot for an indefinite amount of time, and this is great because, not only can you become involved in the local city, you can also see more, and meet up with friends without being rushed.  Super C RV Living doesn’t have to involve the sacrifice of creature comforts, social relationships, or doing without.  


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