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BROKEN! Fixing Missing Leveling Pads with a $17 WalMart Item // Full Time RV Living

When I pulled into my Harvest Host location in New Mexico, I just couldn’t figure out why my rig wasn’t leveling right. The front passenger side just would not raise up with the others. Thinking the worse, it’s broken, I took a look and found something much different. Fortunately, the jacks were raising and lowering, but there was something else that was missing. And without it, there is no way I could level on the dirt field I was at. I broke 4 different items trying to find a solution until I gave up and did a Walmart trip and found a makeshift fix to save the day. Also, if you know Harvest Host, the CEO shares his most favorite story of staying at a Harvest Host location… What do an 80-year-old nun, alpacas, and massages have in common? Joel, the CEO of Harvest Hosts tells you!

Aside from the missing jack feet to my leveling system, I did something stupid that could have made the situation much worse. Fortunately, it worked out okay, but needless to say, I was not thinking properly. When trying to level my rig after I knew I was missing the jack feet, I wanted to find a more level ground. In order to get where I needed to go, I had to make a big U-Turn, and in that process, hit a very soft spot of mud in the field that almost had me stuck in my tracks. I was able to power through it, but you will see how deep the mud was on my tires, I point that out in this video as well.

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