Hi, I’m Stuart, it’s nice to meet you.  I spent over 25 years working my butt off in the corporate world, having worked for some of the largest entertainment, hospitality and amusement companies around.  All of that was great, but working 60+ hours per week for someone else really took a toll on me.

So I left the corporate world and started my own business.  I’ve been self-employed for five years and love every minute.  I’ve used my experience to build my businesses to be absentee run, so now, I get to pursue the next vision for my life, which is full-time travel.

Join me as I take the next step in capturing my vision as I hit the road, full-time in my new RV.  My videos will document everything, from selling everything I own to researching and buying an RV, and finally hitting the road.  Come along for the adventure, I can use the company!

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Thousand Trails

Many people have asked me about whether or not Thousand Trails is a good deal or not. I created this video just for that one reason, because the real answer is, "it depends". I hate that answer as much as the next guy, but whether or not it is a good deal for you...


What is Claim The Vision?

Claim The Vision (YouTube, Podcasts, and Blogs) are funny, great and inspirational stories from people living their best life.  Are you stuck in a rut and you’re not sure how to get out?  Maybe you are going through a life change such as being laid off or going through a divorce and you are not sure what to do next.  There are a number of situations we find ourselves in, not knowing what’s next.

Claim The Vision is inspirational to help you find out what’s next for your life.  We talk to other people who have been there and share their stories.  We are here to coach, encourage, and provide inspiration.  We laugh and we cry together.  We mourn and celebrate as a community.

Your host, Stuart, is claiming his vision of full time travel in a new Super C RV, exploring new places, meeting interesting people, and experiencing a variety of mishaps along the way.  Life isn’t perfect, and this channel doesn’t just focus on things going right, but also when things go wrong, because that’s when you learn the most.

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