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EPISODE INFO: How to fly a Hot Air Balloon! I crewed for a week at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon event in the world! #HotAirBalloon #Xscapers

What an amazing week at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! I spent a week with the #Xscapers for this festival and had the chance to crew for a hot air balloon team while I was there, learning how to set up, break down, and fly a hot air balloon. The husband and wife team of #skygypsyballooning, Hector and Teri were absolutely fantastic, check them out on their Facebook page at and tell them Stuart sent you. They work with an all-volunteer crew and would love to have you crew with them! Sky Gypsy Ballooning

The event is a 10-day, 2-weekend festival, complete with live music, food vendors, and so much more. There are two sessions each day, the AM session and the PM session, the balloon field, and venue close down during the afternoon and everyone has to leave, which means, if you want to spend the entire day checking things out, you will need two separate admissions tickets, one for the AM session, and one for the PM session. They also do have group day packages you can buy, but I am not sure if they are discounted or not? I was fortunate enough to have a ticket gifted to me by “Where Is Tiffany?”, and the rest of the week I was able to get in because I was crewing for the balloons, so that was a huge cash saving.

In this video, to set up and break down a balloon, you may have seen we had about 6-8 volunteers each day. I asked Teri and Hector how many they really need, and they said they’ve done it with just the two of them before. It seems like a big job to do by themselves, so additional help is always welcomed. Some of the jobs seemed very physical, such as lifting and packing the balloon, but others were very simple, like standing in front of the fan to stop people from messing with it, this was a requirement from the Balloon Fiesta. Also, each balloon has its own trading cards, like a baseball card. Volunteers were there passing out the cards to the kids so they can collect them, I thought that was a very nice touch and a free memento for the kids and adults alike.

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