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This is the video that many of you have asked for! A tour of my new 2021 Entegra Accolade 37RB Super C RV! We start on the outside and walk around, then move inside, from forward to back. I didn’t cover every detail on this rig, but glanced over several. If you are interested in learning more about any specific item, please leave a comment below and I can provide you with additional information, or, create a separate video on that specific item.

I waited for a while to do this recording because I wanted to spend some time with the rig to know its ins-and-outs. I wanted to be able to live in it so I can learn its quarks, design flaws, and the great things about it, instead of just saying “this is the stove”, as that is pretty obvious.

The model I picked is the 37RB, which is 39′ 6″, with a bath and a half. The 37K also has a bath and a half model, but the half bath in the front is somewhat weird, it’s angled so that you can see the TV from the sofa, but it creates some awkward corners as well. The biggest reason I chose the 37RB is that it has a bath and a half, and, it has a very long kitchen countertop, great for cooking, and when the slides are closed, there is a completely straight path through the rig. The 37K countertop has a bump-out that prevents you from fully having a walk thru access when the slides are closed.

About The Chassis
This I took from the Entegra website: “Built on the Freightliner® S2RV chassis, the Accolade is Entegra Coach’s take on the Super C motorhome. It delivers the power and performance of a front-engine diesel with the benefits of serviceability, safety, and a high towing capacity. It’s also built with our most advanced Class C ride and handling package, E-Z™ Drive Premier. It’s beautiful inside and out with luxurious living spaces and easy-to-use technology.”

Other Things Not In the Video
I also didn’t mention some of the other details about the rig that you may be wondering about, I’ll list some of these here:

Towing Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Fuel Tank: 100 Gallons
Fresh Water Tank:
Automatic Leveling System
AC’s: Two AC Units one in the front (15,000BTU with heat pump) and second in the back (13,000BTU)
Generator: Onan 8,000 watt quiet diesel – When I say quiet, I mean very, very quiet!
Solar: They say this is “prepped for solar”, but does not have any solar panels on it as stock
Cab-Over Bunk: 750lb capacity

What were they thinking?
As I mentioned in the video, there are a few things that just make no sense.

First, the placement of the DEF fill and the diesel fill. The DEF fill is placed right the driver’s door, easy and convenient. But the diesel fill is about 25 feet back, which means, when you pull up to a filling station, you have to pull forward to get the hose to reach the diesel fill, then when you are done, you need to back up the rig so the hose can reach the DEF fill. It’s ridiculous and a pain in the ass, especially when there is a rig parked behind you waiting, and you have to ask them to back up so you can add DEF. And this is something I just thought of as I was typing, now with my Jeep Cherokee toad, I cannot back up in the rig with the tow vehicle, as the Jeeps can’t go in reverse when undertow. So, because of this, I just purchased the 2.5 Gallon DEF tanks and carry them with me and fill them as needed. I think pricing turns out to be close to getting it from the pump, but now one whole storage compartment is dedicated to DEF when that storage space can be utilized for something else.

In the kitchen, there are two outlets that are above the countertops, but let’s talk about the one on the left. When you plug something into it, it prevents you from being able to open the cabinet door underneath, because the plug is sticking out and down. Yup, that’s pretty stupid and easily fixed by Entegra, but someone must have been sleeping on the job during that “real-life” exercise.

Also in the kitchen, there is a cabinet over the microwave. The door to this cabinet flips up, but when that happens, the door handle smashes against the overhead light, and sooner or later, that light cover will break. I came up with a solution to that, as basic as it is, I had a Rhino stuffed animal, about the size of a Beanie Baby, I picked up while I was in South Africa. I put him through the handle, and now, he looks cool hanging out, but when I open the cabinet door, he shields the handle from the light, problem kinda solved!

This makes perfect sense!
Despite the items mentioned above, there are many things in the rig that make total sense.

I really enjoy the placement of the theater seats and the TV/entertainment station. With it being right at the front of the rig, I can look out the front door while watching TV, and it creates a separation from watching TV and cooking food in the kitchen area.

The long kitchen countertop works is great. I thought it would be weird with the refrigerator behind me, but it turns out it’s not as big of a deal as I thought it might be. Everything is accessible, and the tall overhead cabinets are great. I have a small, folding step stool that is tucked away when not needed, but it is great to reach the top shelves.

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