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With just one week left until I have to be out of my condo and officially become a full-time RVer, the time has come to bring the cats to the RV to let them get settled in before we start our travels. Within their first 72 hours, they managed to get themselves into some trouble.

Along with the cats come their toys, food and water stations, litter boxes, and a bunch of odds and ends. If it were only as simple as moving a dog and a dog bed, but oh well.

I knew that Camden (Cammo) would have no problem adjusting to his new surroundings, he’s always been an adventurous and fearless cat. Isabella (Izzy) on the other hand, has always been shy and timid, frightens easily, and doesn’t like strangers. It took her over a week hiding under my bed to come out when I first got her, and over a month for her to acclimate herself to the condo, so I was a bit nervous for her, and to see how she would react to her new surroundings. I’m hoping that this move will go better for Izzy than when I first got her because she has all of her favorite toys, blankets, and stuff, plus she has me and Camden there too.

Within their first 72 hours in the rig, they managed to get settled in, but not just that, they managed to get themselves into trouble, get into places they shouldn’t be, I had to disassemble dresser drawers to track one cat down and find out how the cat’s tail was covered in grease.


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