Water Leak in my new Super C RV

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Ok, I know I’ll probably get some crap for this.  I’ve mentioned this before, I’m not a hands-on technical guy, so a lot of this troubleshooting with plumbing, electrical and other issues are new to me.  The solution may be obvious to you, but troubleshooting for me was quite an experience.

A mysterious on again, off again water leak had been plaguing my rig since my first week as a full timer.  What made this especially difficult to diagnose is that I was never able to replicate the problem.  It didn’t “always” leak after I used the shower, or the washer, or the SaniFlush.  And many times it happened overnight when nothing is on.  Is it a bad water pressure regulator sending too much pressure into the pipes?  Is it a leaking holding take?  Is the clamp not tight enough?  Well, we checked all of that, and none of those were the problem.  

So what was it?  The answer was so shocking, so basic, and can happen to anyone, and something I never would have considered, although, looking back at it, turns out it makes complete sense.


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